Moussaka and Greek Salad

I think I am very liberal when it comes to trying new types of food. Whether it be weird insects or various offal parts, I walk a path that believes you can’t knock it until you try it (even if I have to do it with my eyes closed). So even though I don’t have a liking for mutton or goat, I still ate the bhuna gosht a friend made. Despite having the heebee jeebies, I still purchased a small cup of bondaegi (silk worms) in Korea (it’s seriously a popular snack there and the kids love it). And regardless of the time I was grossed out beyond means in Morocco, I tried a (super) small piece of cow’s brain that was offered to me by a friendly German that I met during my travels. Why? Out of the need to fulfill my curiosity (even though curiosity killed the cat).

However, there are some things that I am just flat out biased against and predisposed to dislike. It’s not necessarily because of what or where it comes from, but only because of the taste. One of those things is eggplant (also known as aubergines). However, when eggplant is prepared as moussaka it is yummy to my taste buds.

Moussaka with Rice, Potatoes, Tzatziki Sauce and Greek Salad

Moussaka is a dish that is like a Greek version of shepherd’s pie or casserole. It is baked and the most basic recipes have a layer of grilled eggplant slices, ground beef or lamb, and mashed potatoes. More elaborate recipes can have béchamel sauce and other fillings such as potatoes, onions or tomatoes. The combo I ordered above came with rice, potatoes, a bit of tzatziki sauce and Greek salad. Yum!


Moussaka with Hidden Peas and Cheese

Another version I ate had some peas and cheese in it. Cheese is always a good thing in my books and to add some greens? Why not? It’s a good way to add more vegetables to your meal. I have never made a moussaka before, but if you love hearty meals and you’re passing by a Greek restaurant, all I can say is moussaka is your friend. 🙂

Side Note: Greek salad is not known as Greek salad in Greece. Rather, it is known as horiatiki salata. It makes sense if you think about it. Greek salad is typically made with lettuce, cucumber, red onion, tomatoes, olives and feta cheese but they must have more than one type of salad over there!


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  1. I haven’t had moussaka in a long time. This pic has already made me desire for one! Time to hit a Greek restaurant😃

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