Tea Time – Chai Latte

If there’s one addiction I have, it’s with chai latte. This wonderfully delicious and aromatic tea is made with many fragrant spices and ingredients. It’s a super flavourful beverage and although most people probably drink it steaming hot, I enjoy this lovely concoction both hot and cold – hot for the long winter days and cold for the scorching, humid summery days.

Chai Latte – Hot or Cold?

Chai tea can be a combination of ingredients, depending on the maker. It can contain a mixture of fragrant cinnamon, spicy ginger, aromatic cardamom, ambrosial vanilla, sweet honey, pungent cloves, licorice-like star anise, flavourful nutmeg and black pepper. Of course, the type of tea would be a black tea.

Tea for Two?

While I am not a huge supporter of Starbucks, the type I love to buy is made by Tazo, which I believe is a company owned by Starbucks. It’s made of a sweet syrup that you mix with milk in a ratio of 1:1. If you know of an alternative and where I can get it, feel free to leave me suggestions in the comment section.  🙂

Tazo Chai Latte – Yum! 

And remember, chai means tea so saying chai tea latte is redundant!


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  1. We had chai latte when we were in Australia. And my husband turned out a big fan of it. Love it!

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  2. ggstratton says:

    I will have to try that one. I love all of their products – especially the Zen tea.

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