Butter Chicken Ravioli

Interesting and creative ideas always catch my attention, especially when it comes to food. Whoever came up with butter chicken, I salute you. The infamous Indian dish with soft, tender chicken with deliciously mild, yet slightly spicy, creamy sauce? Yum! And ravioli, those little Italian pasta pockets filled with meat, cheese and/or veggies? Also tasty. BUT, what if you combine the two together?

I came across this recently at a festival (don’t you love how summer is full of them?) and I was intrigued.

I ordered a small bowl of it. It looks like pasta sauce, but butter chicken is a tomato-based sauce which is why it looks similar. Although it was a bit foreign to my taste buds to mix the two cultures together, it works.

I have talked about fusion food before and how creativity can lead to new and innovative ideas. This is just another example of the neat ideas people come up with. I guess the next time I feel like eating pasta, but would like some Indian flare – butter chicken ravioli it is! Kudos to the creator of this.


13 thoughts on “Butter Chicken Ravioli

    • Rini says:

      Sadly no. I had it at a festival and it was the first time I heard of it and had it. I will experiment, but the recipe seemed to go a bit heavier on the tomatoes than just being straight butter chicken. If you can’t find a recipe and all else fails, experimentation. 🙂

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