Sigsig Fries

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of trying something called sigsig fries. If you recall in a post I wrote previously called An Introduction to Filipino Food, sigsig is a dish that is made with various offal parts or animal innards – this can include liver, gizzards, heart, tongue, etc. Although this may make some squimish, it was surprisingly delicious as a dish on it’s own. So, when I came across sigsig fries I had to try it!

Sigsig Fries

Like a poutine, there were fries and a bunch of toppings. The textures varied, from bouncy to tender to juicy…given that there were different chunks of meat on the fries. It was very flavorful, but unlike the original dish it lacked the crunchiness of the rice which is what I would have really liked. Instead, there were crispy fries in replacement (not that I’m complaining).

Sigsig Fries

The white sauce on top was a mayo-like sauce. It contained a lot of onions and as much as I love onions, I think the amount was excessive to the point where it overpowered the sauce and the meat. However, it was overall a good dish. Sigsig fries, anyone? 🙂


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