Sago Gulaman

Although sago gulaman looks like a typical Taiwanese bubble tea, it’s actually a Filipino drink. The little pearl-like balls are called sago and though they look similar to tapioca balls, they are made from a sago palm that has been processed into these little pearl-like balls. They are a bit tougher and less chewier than tapioca and much more bouncier. The ones in this drink have sunken to the bottom and are opaque, yet somewhat translucent looking.

Sago Gulaman

The drink itself tastes like liquid maple syrup, though reality is the drink is made of a brown sugar concoction. There seems to be some discrepancy with the translation of gulaman, but it’s either agar-agar, gelatin or something along those lines. The drink itself is slightly too sweet for my taste buds, but it’s definitely better than the Maple Iced Cappuccino drink that came out recently at a local café. It’s definitely popular in the Philippines as many street vendors sell them, especially on hot days like today to quench that thirst.


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  1. Never had this before! Looks refreshing 🙂

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