Chicharon Bituka

Pork is the type of meat where almost every part is used, from the familiar pork chops, ribs and bacon to the less “well-acquainted” parts, like skin for pork rinds, pork hock for stews and miscellaneous pieces to prepare sausages. Recently, I came across something new called chicharon bituka. This is a Filipino prepared dish that is deep-fried pork intestines.

Chicharon Bituka

Like most things that are deep-fried, these were strangely delicious. Chicharon bituka has a crispy outer skin and the inside contain intestines, which are made mostly of fat. I don’t know if I would recommend eating too many of these because it’s essentially eating balls of fat, but they are yummy. I never had deep-fried butter before (I refused to), but I assume it would be very similar (yes, that’s actually a thing!). You can use a vinegar-based dipping sauce to cut out some of the fat and enhance the flavour, but these little rolls just melt in your mouth. Have you ever tried chicharon bituka before?


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