Not to scare you off from trying a delicious spanakopita, but think of it as a snake – furled into a ball, latching tightly onto something tasty. Reality is, a spanakopita is a type of savoury pie that is Greek in origin. No snakes harmed in the making. 🙂

A spanakopita is made of phyllo dough and is stuffed with cheese (so you already know this is good). Alternatively, there are also types with a spinach-cheese mixture containing onions, eggs, butter, herbs and spices too. Although this is a round version, spanakopita can come in triangles or be found cut into squares or rectangles. Some even come in a huge plate sizes so that it can be shared amongst a group of friends and family.

Spinach and feta cheese are the most commonly used ingredients in recipes, but other salty cheeses such as ricotta cheese or goat cheese can be used as well. A good spanakopita should have a flaky and crispy outer crust with a nice and soft inner filling that is slightly salty. It can be eaten as a snack, appetizer or even a meal.


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