When I was in Italy, I discovered a little thing called limoncello.  It’s a traditional, well-known liquor from the lovely boot-shaped country and it is named as such because of the main ingredient: limoni (lemons)! To be clear though, it does not use the whole lemon. While the juices of the fruit can be saved for something else (lemonade, anyone?), limoncello is actually made from the oil of the the lemon rinds mixed with a spirit. The pith (white stuff clinging onto the peels)  is scraped out so that it’s not bitter. What remains is the essential oils of the lemon and a beautiful soft yellow-toned liquid.

Limoncello is a digestif, which is the opposite of an aperitif, and is drunken after a meal (though I don’t think many would argue drinking it any other time of the day) in small glasses. It’s a great little drink for those lemon lovers out there. 🙂


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  1. Dominique @ CooksandKid says:

    Love Limoncello!

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    1. Rini says:

      Lemony goodness. 🙂


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