Shark Fin Soup

Shark fin soup is a controversial dish. Many argue against eating it because it is tasteless and most fins are retrieved through inhumane ways of killing the animal (specifically, shark fin hunters are said to slice the fins off the shark while it is alive and throwing it back into the water to die as it aimlessly floats until it suffocates). On the other hand, others argue it is a cultural thing. According to Chinese culture, it is a delicacy with health benefits and represents prestige. This is why it is often found at wedding dinner receptions and many fancy occasions.

Faux Shark Fin Soup

This year I went to a wedding that served shark fin soup. Thankfully it wasn’t the real stuff because most people can’t really afford it, let alone for a whole wedding reception! However, for those that are curious about the taste, what you are essentially getting from a bowl is a chicken-based broth with some soy sauce, salt, white pepper and chicken. The shark fin itself just adds an interesting dichotomy of slightly crunchy, yet jelly-like texture to the soup. It doesn’t add any flavour to the broth. In fact, there’s barely any taste to it. Even though it is a controversial dish, what most people don’t realize is that there are those that hunt sharks humanely (and legally) and then there’s the faux shark fin soup (like the one above). In the end though, can anyone really tell the difference? I’d say no. What do you think about shark fin soup?


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