Egg Coffee (Recipe)

A very good friend of mine has always talked about this mysterious Egg Coffee that he has in the morning. It sounds odd because while you can eat a plate of eggs with a cup of coffee or eat a boiled egg with coffee, it’s not often you hear about someone adding eggs into their coffee…at least not around here. I’m not a huge coffee drinker (due to an intolerance), so I can’t really make a good judgement about whether it was good or bad. However, I took a sip just to see what it would taste like and it essentially tasted like sugary coffee with some eggs swimming in it. However, my friend did indicate he added a lot of extra sugar to mask the egg flavour (which is apparently what most people complain about) so I’ll have to try this again on my own to see what it really tastes like. Anyway, it was an interesting drink so I thought I’d share it with you:


  • 1 egg
  • 1 cup of water of boiling water
  • Instant coffee (amount depending on the package)
  • Sugar

All you need to do is break the egg into a cup and beat it. Boil some hot water and once it’s boiled, add it to another cup with the instant coffee mix. Add the amount of sugar you would like to sweeten to your preference. Then add the raw egg into the coffee and stir. The egg will cook inside of the coffee and what you will get is somethinf like an instant breakfast. There are those that eat raw eggs for protein and then those that drink straight coffee for that morning pick-me-up, but this is a combination of both. Have you ever tried Egg Coffee?


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