Italy is well known for making pizza, but then there are those other cultures that have something similar. A Middle Eastern version of pizza is called manakeesh. These are made with a flat bread crust and decorated with various toppings like a standard pizza, but their flavours are Middle Eastern inspired. You can find pizzas with thyme, cheese, feta and sujuk* to name a few. One popular type of manakeesh is topped with thyme and cheese, but I got a spinach and cheese manakeesh recently.

The spinach has an interesting sour taste to, which I’m assuming is the result of sumac which mimics an acidic, lemony flavour. It also had some crumbly cheese on top and a crispy crust. Like Italian pizza, manakeesh can be eaten anytime of the day though I personally like it as a light lunch or dinner. However, it can also serve as breakfast or a snack.


*Sujuk is a spicy, Middle Eastern sausage made of ground meat and spices like fenugreek, sumac, cumin, garlic, salt, and pepper


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