Food Scratchies

It’s amazing how much interest food has garnered over the past few decades. I remember back in the day when cooking shows on television were literally just cooking shows. Now, there are all sorts of food competitions, food documentaries and even random cartoon dramas relating to food (Food Wars, anyone?). One thing I found interesting is in the world of scratch cards. Gone are the days when scratch cards were just boxes imitating Bingo games, word puzzles or slot machines. Now there are some neat food themed scratchies. Here are just a few food related scratchies that I’ve discovered:

  • Sweet Cash – who doesn’t like to have a few candies and treats?

  • Sushi Bar Bucks – you can’t go wrong with sushi

  • Donut Dollars – A good reminder to take a break

    Anyway, these were just a few I came across – all of which are visually appealling. My favourite one is probably Fruit Explosion, though they no longer sell those anymore. These scratchies are pretty cute and given that I personally think there has been an increase of interest in food, I say it’s a good marketing ploy. It definitely grabbed my attention. 🙂



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