Pad Thai and Chilis

Being a huge noodle lover, it comes to no surprise that Pad Thai is one of the top noodle dishes on my list. It’s sweet, yet spicy and is rammed with flavour. It originates from Thailand and although I haven’t had the pleasure of trying an authentic pad thai dish in Thailand (it’s on my bucket list), I’ve heard many accounts about it tasting completely different from what we are accustomed to in western countries. Regardless, I think pad thai is a great dish.

Pad Thai

The components of pad thai consists of long, thin rice noodles that have been flavoured with a good balance of sweet tamarind, picante chili peppers, tangy fish sauce and shallots. Sometimes shrimp paste is used as well, but like many noodle dishes it can be mixed with an assortment of ingredients. For protein, there’s chicken, beef, shrimp, tofu and eggs to name a few. For vegetables, bean sprouts, carrots and sometimes scallions too. Often, the dish is sprinkled with some (or a heap load) of chopped peanuts and the flavours can be enhanced with a squeeze of fresh lime. Mmm…mmm…good.

There’s one restaurant in Toronto that specializes in Thai food. The special feature about this place is it offers customers a choice in the number of chilis to add to their meal – ranging from 1 chili all the way to 20. I don’t know anyone that has ever asked for 20 chilis (5 is already crazy hot!), but I’ve heard rumours that customers that do this must sign a waiver. It makes sense. 20 chilis is crazy! Happy Friday! 


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