Growing up, I remember the variety of produce we could buy was limited. This isn’t to say we didn’t get any shipments of foreign produce, but it was hard to find and rare. Fast forward several decades later and what a change it has been! Now we get things from all around the world, which means we get to see and try different things. One interesting looking fruit I came across is called rambutan.

This is a Southeast Asian tropical fruit that looks a little intimidating to eat. Like a red sea urchin, it looks very prickly but the skin and bristles are actually quite soft. It’s similar to those other tropical fruits like logan and lychee.

On the inside is something similar to the shape of a grape, but much bigger. You can say it tastes somewhat like a more subtle version of a grape-lychee mix, which isn’t sweet at all. Just don’t eat the seed inside and watch out because there is a skin around the inner seed that tends to stick to the “meat” of the fruit which can ruin the experience.

You have to work a bit more to actually eat these fruits. The simplest way I’ve found is scoring around the outer edge of the fruit and then peeling back the two halves. From there, you reveal that big grape-like fruit that you can eat.

It can tend to be a bit sticky because of the juices, so be prepared with lots of paper towel. Enjoy! 🙂


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