Mexico is infamously known for producing some of the finest tequila, but there’s also alternative options for the non-drinkers out there too. Jarritos (which translates as “little jugs”) is a type of fruit flavoured cola bottled into cute little glass “jugs”.

These are delicious colas that were created back in 1950. They come in a bevy of flavours, including strawberry, guava and mango. Although there are other fruit flavoured colas in grocery stores and some restaurants, they tend to taste really artificial. In contrast, Jarritos mysteriously tastes similar to the fruit it’s supposed to and uses natural flavours to accomplish this. In fact, the creator was a chemist which may explain how he came to this fruity concoctions. It’s a good drink to have with a meal or even just as a thirst-quencher. The interesting part the creator started experimenting with coffee flavoured cola first, but thankfully he changed course and went with fruits instead!

And hola! Today just happens to be the anniversary of Jarritos. Salud!

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  1. Archana says:

    Love jarritos!

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