Garlic Bulbs! Garlic Cloves! Garlic Scapes?

Garlic is great for scaring away those mythical vampires. It is a member of the onion family, which would explain why both are great at scaring away your first date – they both leave strong odours! It is used in many dishes and cultures around the world, so you know it’s well liked.


Garlic Cloves

Garlic is most potent when you crush it to release the oils. I personally love adding lots of fresh garlic into my dishes when I cook. There is also garlic powder, but I find it is a lot milder (a good alternative for garlic bread). There is also something called garlic scapes, which are the buds of the garlic. These can also be used in cooking and apparently taste like (surprise) garlic, but are longer stalks that resemble Chinese long beans.

Garlic Bulb

Garlic is known to have lots of healthy properties, so eat up! Just preferably not on a first date. 🙂



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