In a Nutshell: The History of Deep Fried Foods

Every year in Toronto, we have a two-week running event called the Canadian National Exhibit (CNE) to end off summer. It’s filled with shows, games, rides, shopping and food vendors. I should add that while there are the typical corn dog, cotton candy and burger stands, it is also known to have a lot of wacky and outrageous food too. Just as a sample, one year we had Krispy Kreme burgers (two donuts replaced the burger bun), another year it was Deep Fried Coke (deep fried funnel cake-like strands doused in coke and a scoop of ice cream) and then there was the Deep Fried Cheesecake (I highly recommend this one).

I will be heading there today so I won’t reveal any of the big items yet, but I thought I’d share this awesome infograph that I found on the site on the Milestones in Fried & Deep Fried foods. Why? Because no festival is complete without your share of deep fried goodies. Enjoy!





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