CNE Part I: Ramen Burgers

Yesterday I went to an annual fair that is hosted in Toronto every year called the Canadian National Exhibit (CNE). I decided to break this down into a five part series seeing as we ate so much. To start, the Ramen burger which is a burger nestled between two ramen buns. Apparently the trend started in the U.S, but has finally made it’s way up to Canada.

Ramen Burger

Digging around the Internet, it’s pretty simple to create the buns. Basically, cook them as directed on the package, strained, mix an egg or two into it, stir, and then put them into some sort of circular mold/ramekin to create the shape of the “burger bun”. Then, place some plastic wrap over it and add some weights on top to flatten the noodles and refrigerate. When they are ready, pan-fry them and assemble your burger with it.

Ramen Burger “Buns”

The Ramen burger was filled with a beef patty, lettuce, pickled purple cabbage, (and I quote) “orange cheese”(I’m going to assume they meant a slice of processed cheese) and special sauce. It was a juicy burger, but I’m not sure the buns actually added much to it. It lacked in flavour and it was a bit gummy in texture, but being a fast food joint it was left under a heat lamp which would explain the gumminess. However, I did notice the caramelized portions of the bun had extra flavour to it so I think it just needed to be toasted more and freshness would have been key to bringing out the ramen flavours. I would personally also try to add some spices to it. Being ramen noodles, you have to!

Up tomorrow….The Churro Burger. 🙂





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