CNE Part II: Churro Burger

The Ramen Burger was probably one of the most popular “must try” items at the Canadian National Exhibit (CNE) this year. Another top burger was the Churro burger. Similar to the Ramen Burger, the buns of this burger were replaced but this time with churros.


The beef patty was only topped with a slice of melted cheese, so it was a basic burger. However, given that the churros were filled with cinnamon sugary goodness, it was a delicious combination of sweet and savoury. Definitely different from your average cheeseburger! The only thing I found was it was a bit on the dry side. Perhaps if they added some dulche de leche? Honey? Chocolate? Perhaps that would be too much?

A few other interesting burgers that I heard about, but didn’t get to try: the Threesome Burger (a mix of Greek, Italian and Canadian ingredients where a typical burger is piled sky high with feta cheese fries, mac and cheese and meatball patty) and the Bad Boy Burger (a burger nestled between two Jamaican beef patties).

Up Next…Crickets


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