CNE Part III: Cricket Tacos & Beetlejuice for the Road

While the Ramen Burger and Churro Burger were easy feats, this post may be a bit more difficult for some to digest. But yup. I did it. And surprisingly, I didn’t even flinch. I ate crickets and drank something called Beetlejuice at the Canadian National Exhibit (CNE) this year.


Cricket Tacos with a Side of Beetlejuice 


I guess in comparison to eating beondegi (silk worms) in Korea, crickets were easy peasy. It was prepared in a soft taco with tender fried sirloin, chopped tomatoes, sweet onion and cilantro and was served with a creamy, spicy TABASCO sauce. The crickets themselves were chili lime crickets marinated in TABASCO Chipotle Sauce. How can one not like this dish? For those who have never had crickets, I’d describe them as crunchy and nutty. Sort of like a peanut. It’s not as bad as it seems and apparently it’s more environmentally friendly than eating meat. In fact, I invite you to check out this website that talks about 12 Reasons to Consider Insect Protein and How Much Water You Can Save (in comparison to eating other meats). I didn’t believe KD before, but as purported crickets are apparently the future!

As for the Beetlejuice, it contained fresh mango pulp, lime juice, buttermilk, roasted meal worm powder with a cinnamon cocoa sprinkle on top. And while it was good, I couldn’t help but think of the bug guts while drinking it. Thankfully, the mango overpowered it and it was an overall fruity-filled drink…with some added protein. 🙂

Tacos Grillos with Crickets

This bug kiosk also had the option of the Bug Dog (hot dog with mustard roasted crickets), Crispy Critter Rolls (with roasted meal worms, crickets, shredded veggies with a side of sweet and spicy TABASCO sauce for dipping) and Crickety Lime Pie (served on a vanilla wafer). I would have liked to try them all, but being at the fair for one day I can only eat so much! However, I’m sure it’s not the last time I’ll see of these critters on my plate.

Up next…Dessert Part 1 of 2


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