Köfte is eaten all over the world, from Asia to the Middle East to Africa and even North America. They are little patties usually made of ground meat, somewhat like little sliders minus the bun.

Kofte Harci

It’s when I went to Turkey that I came across a spice mix for the first time. It’s relatively easy to find in Middle Eastern shops, but travelling tends to clear your mind and make it open to discovering new things.

Kofte Spice Mix

It’s also easy to make. Just add the spices, an egg, some water and mix. Then, roll them into balls, flatten them into patties and throw them in a pan with a little oil until it is cooked. The package of ingredients says it contains oat, fermented flour (wheat), black pepper, hot chili powder, coriander, curry, cumin, onin, garlic,parsley, salt, flavouring and sugar. Sounds easy enough to recreate a recipe on my own one day. It probably needs some stale bread in the mix too, like many meatball recipes. 🙂

Like Little Slider Patties

I originally brought these along on a camping trip because I thought they would be a nice change to the usual suspects, but we ended up with too much food so I made them at home. They can be eaten with rice or bread. Or you can put these little guys into a pita with some tomatoes, lettuce and some hummus to make a wrap or prepare it like a hamburger. They are not spicy hot at all, but they do have lots of flavour because of all the seasonings. 🙂



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