A Collection of Polish Goodies

Every culture has their favourites when it comes to goodies. I received a gift of jellied fruit slices – which I only recently learned are Polish. It is from this that I was inspired to dig a little further into Polish culture and come up with a small list of popular Polish treats.

Jellied fruit slices – it’s a palate with a beautiful rainbow of colours and fruit flavours. They are soft and sweet candies and I. The shape of cute little fruit wedges.


Ptasie mleczko – these little goodies are meringues or marshmallows covered in chocolate with a squishy texture on the inside. They come in a bunch of flavours, like coconut,  chocolate and vanilla. It’s not my favourite, but I’ve heard you just have to find the right flavour for you.


Mini candies – for the longest time I thought these were just little generic candies, but I was astounded to learn they are actually Polish. They are hard candies that come in all sorts of fruity flavours like grape, cherry and orange. They are super tiny, but they are packed with fruit flavour. I give these a thumbs up. 


Krowka (pronounced krov-ka)- the name of this is as cute as a button because it means little cow and a bunch of them are called krowki (pronounced krov-ki) – little cows. It’s a type of Polish fudge and is slightly hard on the outside and soft and creamy on the inside. The ones I got here are milky cream fudge and sesame cream fudge, but it can come in chocolate, nut, fruit, etc.



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