Angry Orchards

Yes, summer is dwindling and the autumn weather is coming. That means we need to take advantage of all the hot days we have left. How so?  A nice and cools refreshing beverage of course! I present to you Angry Orchards. They have a crisp, hard apple cider that actually tastes like apple.

I have previously tried apple flavoured cider by other brands and wasn’t as impressed, but this cider I can enjoy! Despite all the ice in the cup that was served to me, it didn’t ruin the drink at all. It kept it cool and the cider was still refreshing and delicious. The interesting part is this company actually grows their own apple orchard (solely for the cider, no picking) which very well explains why they know their apples! It’s a perfect balance of sweetness and contains a number of apples in the mix, like Fuji apples, Granny Smith apples and Gala apples. They even have self-guided tours at their orchard in New York. I guess it’s something to add to the bucket list. 🙂


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