Niagara Wine Festival – Hors d’Oeuvres and Dessert

The North African curry and the cheese pairings were lovely pairings with the wine at the Niagara Wine Festival, but we also had a few more notable samples during our trip. One was an hor d’oeuvre made with wontons wrappers.

I originally thought these would be boring little imitation wontons filled with beef but it was pleasantly tantalizing and presented differently.

Using a deep fried wonton wrapper as the base, it was topped with some bourbon BBQ pulled pork and drizzled with crème fraîche and cilantro. It was packed with all the juicy, rich flavours of the pork and BBQ sauce that you would find in a typical pulled pork recipe but the wonton wrapper gave it a nice and crispy texture and the cilantro was a great way to keep it fresh.

While we had a few other things like slow roasted beef served on a crostini with a fruit compote and a fresh biscuit served with a blueberry sauce, we finished the day off with the best way you can finish off any meal – dessert! It was a vanilla ice cream that was filled with a raspberry center and covered in a delicate milk chocolate coating. I never thought ice cream would pair well with a wine, but that’s what was on the menu. I would personally still separate the two, but dessert was definitely a good way to end a long day. 

The Niagara Wine Festival takes place every year, with today being the last day. If you didn’t get a chance to go this year, you can join in on the fun in 2017. Of course, there’s the annual Ice Wine Festival too. 🙂


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