Takoyaki are little Japanese octopus balls. They are sweet and savoury little snacks containing small pieces of octopus surrounded in a batter.

Delicious takoyaki balls

It’s made with a specially designed grill that is moulded with semi-circles. Although the final product is a ball, it’s the technique of cooking it that makes it round. First, oil is added to the mould so that the ingredients don’t stick. Then some batter and octopus pieces.

A funnel is used to add batter and oil

This particular vendor added cabbage to the recipe. As the bottom layer starts to cook, it is eventually flipped over like a pancake with a thin metal rod and more batter and ingredients are added to the mix. 

A metal rod to turn and flip the balls

It takes quite a long time to cook takoyaki because of all the layering involved. Plus you can only cook one side at a time before you flip it over. However, it’s neat to watch the making of these little snacks. Only that think stick is used to turn the ball around.

The takoyaki grill

When it is eventually cooked, it is plated and drizzled with a sweet sauce, bonito flakes (fried fish flakes) and noori (fried seaweed).

Here’s a close-up of a takoyaki ball

The end result is a fluffy golden-brown ball that is dense with bouncy octopus pieces. It’s super hot on the inside because of all the layers, so when you bite into a takoyaki be careful. Let it cool down because when it’s fresh, it’s full of steam! However, be also prepared to take a bite into a tasty ball with multiple textures and a contrast of sweetness and saltiness. 🙂


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  1. I’ve never tried octopus but I’d definitely eat 30 of those little balls

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    1. Rini says:

      Small, but big in taste. Thanks for dropping by. 🙂

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