Thai Ice Cream Rolls

I’ve been seeing something called Thai Ice Cream Rolls and didn’t really know what the big fuss was. It just looks like your normal, every day type of ice cream but I was wrong!

Thai Ice Cream Rolls

It’s the way that they make it that’s special. Most tubs of ice cream come straight from a machine and are sold in stores. Thai ice cream is actually made in front of you. What they do is pour a milk mixture onto a really cold, flat surfaced pan and toss in fresh ingredients like strawberries into the mix. At this particular place, they used a pan that resembled a large pizza pan.

Mixing Liquid with the Star Ingredient – Chocolate

They use metal spatulas to chop up the ingredients into fine pieces and as it is being chopped, the liquid starts to solidify. When it does, they spread it out into a thin layer so that they can create those luxurious ice cream rolls. This is done by using the metal spatula to scrape down the cold pan.

Watching Liquid Transform into a Solid

It’s amazing to see it transform before your eyes from a liquid to a solid. I ended up purchasing a chocolate flavoured Thai Ice Cream Roll. Fresh chocolate pieces were put into it and you could tell how rich and smooth the ice cream is from one bite – and it was full of chocolaty goodness!

Creating the Roll in Thai Ice Cream Rolls

As for toppings, there were plenty. Like a sundae, we had the option of putting fresh fruits like mango, strawberries, kiwi and blueberries or other treats like marshmallows, pizzelles, chocolate chips, Oreos, graham crackers and even Pocky sticks.

Toppings for the Ice Cream

Although it may look like your typical ice cream, it isn’t. I think the concept also allows people to appreciate ice cream more because they get to see the process forming right before their eyes. I don’t think we get to see much of that anymore with all the ready-to-go dishes and processed foods, so it’s a nice change of pace. Try it for yourself. 🙂


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