Durian – A Dichotomy of Love and Hate

If you have ever had durian or talked about durian with anyone, you’re probably familiar with the contrast of extreme love and hate for this Asian fruit. Personally, I side with the group that loves durian because it possesses such a distinct, yummy flavour to it.

A Spiky Fruit with a Soft Custard Core

Durian is tropical greenish-brown fruit with spikes on the outer shell. It weights quite heavily for a fruit and tends to give off a very pungent smell, which either has people swooning towards it or running in fear. Some unfortunate souls even feel nauseous from the smell, but thankfully I’m not one of them.

A Pod from a Durian Fruit

It has a rich, creamy texture with a mildly sweet flavour. It’s smooth, inner custard-like texture is yellow and is sectioned off into pods. When it’s cut open, each pod has a seed. The flesh is so soft that removing the seed is easy as counting 1-2-3 or like eating ribs that just fall off the bone. Although you can eat this fruit on it’s own, it can also be prepared in other ways. A popular way is as a dessert, like this durian crêpe with vanilla ice cream and chocolate drizzle! Yummy!

For those who want to try other forms of durian, you can also find it frozen or dried (if not fresh, which is probably the best).


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