Black Chickens – No Joke!

Did you know that there are black chickens out there? They aren’t dyed black, but are born that way. They are also known as silkie chickens. I have only ever had it prepared in soups or broths, so when I recently dined at a restaurant that named their dish “blackened chicken in naan” (despite hating sandwiches), I wanted to try it.

Blackened Chicken with Naan

Well, I was tricked. It was literally just chicken with spices on it (thankfully, a warm sandwich at least). The description indicated “blackened chicken breast, sweet red onion, tomato, lettuce, chimichurri and pesto mayo” on it, but I digress.

Black Skin and Bones: Silkie Chicken

As you can see above, silkie chicken has black skin and black bones. It looks odd because we are so used to seeing chicken with that creamy-pinkish tone. However, it tastes more or less the same as a regular chicken but is considered healthier. They aren’t typically farmed the way an average chicken is (cooped up in mass and stuck in a pen), so they tend to be more lean like free-range chicken. This means it tends to be bonier with less meat, but it also means it has more nutritional value in it. This may explain why it is often used in many Asian soups and broths. There are some that believe that silkie chicken helps increase energy, ward off ailments and strengthen the immune system. I personally cannot verify the validity of these beliefs, but what I can vouch for is the delicious flavours it gives off in soups and broths. 🙂


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