Fairy Bread (Recipe)

Remember those rainbow donuts that you ate as a kid (and maybe still eat as an adult)? The vivid colours and look of candied sprinkles and the thought of a donut was exciting. When I first heard about fairy bread, I had a similar reaction. It is an Australian thing where you slap some butter to a slice of toast and add sprinkles to it.

It’s an interesting concept and the colours definitely make it stand out, but unless you like sprinkles I’m not sure what it would do in terms of flavouring other than add texture. Either way, I decided to give it a try for the fun of it.

The trick with the sprinkles is to put it on a plate and flip the buttered side face of the bread down into it. I used non-pareil sprinkles for this.

It was intriguing, to say the least. Other than slight saltiness from the butter and the mild sugar from the sprinkles, it was just like eating a regular slice of toast with an extra crunch. I wouldn’t say it’s addictive, but I did enjoy the change in texture. Sometimes it’s good to change the regular and mundane. I’m sure kids would look forward to eating this for breakfast or a snack too.

In case you were curious about how sprinkles are made, here is a quick video. Dizzying, I must say!


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