Goi Cuon – Fresh Summer Rolls (New Method)

Fresh rolls are super easy to make. I had written about them previously, but recently had the luxury of participating in an impromptu cooking demonstration.

It’s always interesting to learn from others because maybe you’re doing something that could be done differently or you may discover ways to improve your own techniques.

Although a lot of what they taught in the class was similar to the way I do it, there was one new technique that they used to assemble these rolls that was unique. Usually, you would just soften the rice paper wrapper in a bowl of warm water and then put it on a plate to assemble (my method), but the cooking instructor used a towel to assist.

She said that it helps it from sticking to the plate. From there, you roll it up like a normal roll.

I personally found it a bit of a nuisance because it would stick to the towel, but it worked for others. Have you ever used this technique when making fresh rolls? What do you think?

And for anyone that is curious, we made vegetarian rolls using cucumbers, peppers, tofu, carrots, cilantro and green onions and dipped it in a peanut-free peanut sauce and/or a miso-based dipping sauce. 🙂


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