Hallabong Chocolate

A good high school friend of mine went to visit Jeju in South Korea, an island that I’ve only heard good things about but never had the pleasure of visiting. It’s like Asia’s version of Hawaii, a beautiful island with beaches, volcanoes and waterfalls of paradise. Even though my friend invited me on this trip, I wasn’t able to go. However, she did end up sending me a little gift through the mail. Who doesn’t like gifts? And mail that isn’t a bill or advertisement!

Chocolate from Jeju

I opened the package and received some Jeju Hallabong Chocolate. Hallabong is a citrus fruit that is specially grown in Jeju. The fruit resembles a pomelo, but is apparently smaller, more orange in colour and tastes like a cross between a mandarin, tangerine and orange. I have never personally had one before (or even knew about this fruit until now), but my friend tells me they are sweet, juicy and easy to peel.

Hallabong Chocolate

Naturally, adding hallabong to a dark chocolate creates an uplifting treat. The chocolate tastes very orangey and not too sweet. It’s similar to that chocolate that you bash against all floors and walls to split into wedges, only this tastes better. It’s smooth, light and has a fun name – hallabong. Say it thrice. It just rolls off your tongue. 🙂


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