The Pumpkin Patch

There’s something special about going to a farm to pick vegetables and fruits that’s reinvigorating. I don’t know if it’s the fresh air or getting out of town, but it’s always a refreshing change of scenery . Plus it helps local farmers! Even though I enjoy picking different berries, grapes and assortment of veggies, there is something magical about the pumpkin patch. It’s a sea of green shrubbery with random specks and blobs of bright orange dots sprouting around the field.

Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkins can be quite large, so it’s always necessary to pick just the right one. Whether it be round, oblong, oval or completely abnormal looking, the definition of a perfect pumpkin is different for everyone. In the end, it’s still a pumpkin no matter what the shape. Kind of like how we all come from different backgrounds, cultures and races, but we are all still human. 🙂


This year a friend of mine is hosting a pumpkin carving party for Halloween. Let’s see what I come up with…


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