Pumpkin Carving Party

The pumpkins have taken over! Not just in our food, but our activities too! A friend of mine hosted a pumpkin carving party this past weekend as a Halloween activity, so we bought a few pumpkins and headed over.

One of my friends, being a handy man, used a power drill with an egg beater-like end to scrape out all the pumpkin guts for us. Ingenious! I suppose it’s definitely easier than manually scooping out the guts and it’s also interesting to watch.

Other than finding the perfect pumpkin, figuring out what design I wanted to carve out took a long time. Thankfully, there were templates that came with the pumpkin carving tool set I bought! I went with this little cute grim reaper.

All I needed to do after that was tape the template onto the pumpkin and start adding dots around the edges to where I wanted to carve. I just used a simple pen to make these dots, but you can use other pointy objects. From there, I used these mini saw-like pumpkin carving tools to cut the shape out. Mine is probably the most amateurish looking pumpkin, but look at the collection of pumpkins everyone made. Quite the talented bunch, I must say!

From left to right: my grim reaper, a spoopy pumpkin (yes, spoopy, not spooky – the words were drawn backwards and cut out so that it would reflect on the background wall…pretty neat effect), Edward Scissorhands, Chucky, Meeseeks and a typical Jack o’ lantern. Plus there was plenty of food, including homemade mini pumpkin pies, pasta salad, deli skewers, a veggie platter, caesar salad, meringues and some of my edible bones.

I’d say this was a very fun experience and if you have never tried carving a pumpkin, try it out. 🙂


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