There’s Matcha Green on this Kit Kat Bar

Christmas Kit Kats? No, no, no. Despite the red and green colours, these are specially flavoured Kit Kat Bars. You know how many companies cater their products to the taste buds of the country? These chocolates are catering the Japanese by infusing matcha green tea into their product, hence the green colour and Japanese writing on the package. 🙂

Matcha Green Tea Kit Kat Bars

Although matcha green tea has been around for centuries, it has only just begun to gain popularity in Western countries. Put in simple terms, it’s a concentrated version of green tea leaves that have been dried and ground into powder form. When prepared as a proper tea, it has a creamy texture with a bittersweet flavour. It’s really good for detoxing your body and it contains lots of anti-oxidants.

The Whisk for Matcha Green Tea

If you notice on the packaging, it has this broom-like brush in a mug. This is a tool normally made of bamboo and is used to whisk the green tea powder and water together.

Matcha Green Tea Kit Kat bar

Although I’m not a huge fan of the colour, I do like the taste of this little treat. The matcha green tea Kit Kat is a nice balance of sweet and bitter and it has the familiar crunchiness of the Kit Kat wafer bar. It’s not too sweet either, so I may not feel so bad having two in one sitting! 🙂


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