Food and Mascots

I heard over the radio the other day that some food mascots are based on real people. Ok, so maybe not mascots like the Honey Nut Cheerios bumble bee, Kool Aid man or Mr. Peanut, but the ones involving humans. I think Colonel Saunders of KFC is probably one of the more famous ones, but did you know about these?

Little Debbie: The image of the little girl on the boxes of these treats is apparently the daughter of the owner.

Chef Boyardee: The man on the red cans of these easily microwavable pasta meals is based on an actual chef that owned a restaurant. His food was so good that people wanted to take it home, so thus spawned the creation of the canned Chef Boyardee line.

Sun Maid: The lady on the front of those red raisin boxes is actually based off of a painting of a Californian woman that posed for the picture. This painting became the iconic Sun Maid mascott and it apparently still exists somewhere in the world, sitting safely in a vault.

McDonalds: Although you would think Ronald McDonald was just a regular clown, he was actually based off of Bozo the Clown. And since McDonald’s rebranded their look to be more sophisticated, I couldn’t find one Ronald McDonald anywhere!


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