Hopia with Ube (Taro or Purple Yams?)

Hopia are little Filipino pastries with various fillings. Hopia baboy (winter melon), hopia monggo (mung bean paste) and queso with ube (cheese with purple yam) are just to name a few. It is similar to the Chinese version of moon cakes, but from my personal experience the pastry seems thinner and has a more bread-like texture to it.

Hopia with ube is probably by far the most popular filling. There are two schools of thought when it comes to the word “ube”. Some believe ube is purple taro, whereas others say it’s a purple yam. I personally think there must have been something that got lost in translation. Ube tastes more like purple yam to me because it’s sweeter and creamier. Taro, on the other hand, tends to be more starchy and only has little purple specks fluttering about the creamy coloured vegetable (not that food colouring wouldn’t do the trick). Either way, I can’t disagree – ube is a tasty filling.

The hopia filled with ube that I had was slightly sweet and not that oily. It’s quite heavy and dense, despite it’s small frame. Similar to a tea biscuit, it was also a bit dry but that’s also why I think it pairs well with an afternoon tea or coffee. Would I get it again? Yes! 🙂

What are your thoughts on the word ube?


13 thoughts on “Hopia with Ube (Taro or Purple Yams?)

    • Rini says:

      Ahh, I knew there was some different about the texture but couldn’t quite put my finger on it. Looking around on the internet, do you mean the pork lard/fat? I think they use the same thing for pineapple cakes and some other pastries. If I was vegetarian, I would’ve been in trouble. Lol Thanks for filling in the missing piece. 🙂


      • cookingflip says:

        Now I’ve started thinking–when we were kids we used to look for the pork, but could only see onions and bits of crunchy gourd (which made us think that we were being shortchanged)–so, was it named pork hopia only because of its shape? Or as you said–the lard? But I do believe quite a few times I’ve found bits of pork (ahh! value for my money at last! 🙂 )

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