Pepero Day

Teaching in Korea, I learned a lot of things about their food and culture that I would have never been exposed to otherwise. For one, November 11th is Pepero Day! How do I know this? It was a normal working day and I was expecting to go in and teach class like normal, but when I entered I was surprised to see a bunch of Pepero boxes on my desk from my students. Pepero Day celebrates November 11, which numerically looks like four sticks, 11/11. What is Pepero? It’s very similar to the Japanese version called Pocky.

One of the “Pepero” gifts I got from my students

Pocky and Pepero are essentially biscuits dipped in different flavours. The most common ones are strawberry and chocolate, but there are many other wacky flavours like almond, matcha green tea, tomato and cookies and cream. They come in the form of sticks, hence Pepero Day! 

It has been years since I have been in Korea, but a friend of mine said he never tried these snacks before which reminded me of this day. Funny enough, he and his wife decided to have a night in front of the television with some these treats. This is the picture he sent me:

Pepero, strawberries, Nutella and wine

Strawberries, Pepero, Nutella and Wine. What a way to make a simple snack look so classy! Happy Pepero Day!


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