Bolanee – Afghani Style Flatbread

Bolanee, also known as bolani, is a warm Afghani styled stuffed unleavened flat bread. The naan (an alternative name for bread) is soft and the filling is often a vegetable mashed up and enhanced with spices. It’s similar to the Mexican version of a quesadilla, only a traditional bolanee contains no meat or cheese but pure vegetable. These days, there are many contemporary versions that break out of this mold and include other types of vegetables, legumes or meat.

Bolanee can be found in many Afghani kebob restaurants. The one I had recently was lightly pan fried and stuffed with potatoes, green onions and herbs and it came with a side of mildly minty yogurt sauce for dipping. The bolanee was slightly spicy, but the yogurt helped counteract that. It’s a great appetizer for sharing, like garlic bread. 🙂



6 thoughts on “Bolanee – Afghani Style Flatbread

  1. Bushra RB says:

    That looks yummy. I ate it yesterday lol. But it is hard to make without a ‘Bhatti’ (a stove type thing but deep). Ok, so it is easy to make. My mom made it for me and it was so yummy.
    You should try it with some sort of Saalan/Gravy.

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