Tortilla Soup

Soup is a lovely thing, especially when it’s cold outside and Mother Nature is just screaming at you to stay indoors. Whether it’s rain or snow, soup is like a warm hug from the inside out. This is probably why I enjoy eating all types of noodle soup in the winter. Originating from Mexico, there’s something called Tortilla Soup, which is also known in the Spanish vernacular as sopa de tortilla. And as shocking as it may be, it actually snows in some parts of Mexico which may explain the need for this deliciously comforting soup (amongst others). It tastes similar to a chicken noodle soup – minus the noodles.

The base of a sopa de tortilla consists of a chicken broth that is often cooked with garlic, tomatoes, onions and some type of chile pepper (recipes vary). It is a thicker soup that is slightly salty and is often topped off with crispy tortilla strips. However, as you can see in the soup I got, it tends to soak up the liquid like a sponge and sink to the bottom.

I have not personally made tortilla soup myself, but came across it during my travels. It is definitely something to add to the menu. It’s tasty, it’s filling and it’s probably an easy one pot meal. Besides, you can’t go wrong with Mexican foods soup or tortilla strips! Although I must say I think the I oh thing missing is some shredded cheese. 🙂


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