Bake and Salt Fish

There’s a West Indian dish called Bake and Shark that I wanted to try, but there’s a lot of controversy about eating sharks, similar to shark fin soup. Instead, I went for an alternative type of Bake called Bake and Salt Fish. This is a West Indian, Caribbean style dish that is somewhat like a wrap.

Bake and Salt Fish

The bread is known as the “bake”, although funny enough it’s typically fried as opposed to baked. It reminded me of roti bread, only it seemed a bit thicker. It was still a delicate bread to handle, but it was warm and fresh!

Cracking it open

The salt fish is fish that has been salted and dried. Although cod fish is normally used in recipes, it can be replaced with other types of fish. The texture of the fish reminded me of pork floss, which can be used for things like congee or as a filler for Asian buns or pastries.

Up close and personal with salt fish

Biting into this two handed wrap, the salt fish had this light and flaky texture and smelled a bit on the fishy side. It had been seasoned with some spices and contained a few small pieces of carrots and tomatoes mixed with the shredded salt fish, though I’m not sure if this is typical of a bake and salt fish. It was definitely an interesting meal. I can’t really say I’ve had anything with this type of texture in a wrap before and I really enjoyed the freshness of the bake. Although jerk chicken is by far one of my most favourite Caribbean dishes (with extra oxtail sauce!), if you pop into a Caribbean restaurant give a bake a try. 🙂



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