Aloo Pie

It’s a catchy name, aloo pie, but it’s not without rhyme or reason. Aloo means potatoes and pie is, well, a yummy pastry filled will meat, veggies or fruits. So when you put the two together, you get an aloo pie.

Aloo Pie

This is a West Indian specialty which is often associated with Trinidad. It’s basically a piece of dough that has been deep fried, sliced in the middle and filled with spiced mashed potatoes and a sweet sauce.

The Potato Filling

It doesn’t look like much, but aloo pie is a yummy snack (some even eat this for breakfast) that is good for on the go. The dough is very soft, somewhat like a naan even though it was deep fried. The sauce is a mango or tamarind chutney and although you can’t really see it in these pictures, this one was filled with delicious tamarind chutney. If you need a quick pick-me-up for the day and you happen to be near a West Indian restaurant, aloo pie! 🙂


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