It’s that time of the year where this rotund, orangey fruit makes a showstopper – no, not the orange. The persimmon!

It’s a sweet, juicy fruit with a certain je ne sais quoi type of bite to it. It’s soft, yet crunchy. Creamy, yet firm. Smooth, yet fiberous. It has a unique flavour to it that is sweet and juicy.

Like many fruits, you eat this by peeling away the thin outer skin and leaves. Normally, I lightly score it from the top to bottom several times around the fruit and then peel with the help of a knife. You can eat the fruit as a ball, but to make it easier it’s good to cut them into simple wedges. However, you can also cut it in half like a kiwi and just scoop out the flesh for consumption or you can eat it as if you were eating an apple – skin and all.

Cut into wedges

Persimmons have vitamin A, vitamin C and plenty of fiber (who doesn’t need more of that in their life?). Even though I enjoy it as a fruit alone, persimmons can also be used for many recipes like baked goods, jams and even savoury dishes. Unlike apples and oranges, this delicious fruit is only around a few months in the year so get them while they’re still around!


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