Cuttlefish Snack

Sometimes you just need that extra salty snack to get you through the day. My preference? Chips! There are so many types out there and while I generally prefer my Ruffles Sour Cream and Onion as first priority, there are times when I like to snack on weird things just to shock my taste buds. Last time I had a craving, I purchased this Korean Cuttlefish Snack.

What is cuttlefish? It’s that interesting little squid-like creature in the sea that changes its colours like a chameleon. However, it isn’t necessarily to camoflage but sometimes to warn others to stay away or to attract a mate!

As for this snack, the little chips are light, crispy and hallow on the inside. It has an interesting chex-like pattern and the shape resembles a cuttlefish. It is slightly sweet and not too salty, with only a hint of the sea which is the result of being made with minced cuttlefish, kelp extract and anchovy. This also explains why it fulfils my sodium-intake needs. 🙂

If you come across this snack, give it a try. I give it a thumbs up. 🙂


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