Deep Frying Donuts

I’ve had this rational, yet irrational fear with deep frying things. French fries, churros, tempura…The last thing I want is to be scolded by burning hot oil, so I normally go out to buy any fried foods if I’m craving. Recently, a family friend made a batch of cheese donuts (never really thought I’d see cheese and donut batter together, but when in Rome!) and she asked me to help fry them up for her. Yikes!

With some help, we worked together to first roll out the dough, cut out big circles and then little circles. Then, it was my turn to fry these puppies. GENTLY putting the raw donuts into the hot oil, they sizzled away from a pasty white to a nice golden brown.

Success! I almost made it through the whole process without burning myself. I say almost because KD accidentally poked me with a fork that was put into the oil. No burns though, I’m ok! 🙂  To be fair, my family friend did set up the temperature on the stove before leaving me to my own devices and we replaced the fork with a slotted spoon.

Once the donuts cooled, we sifted a bunch of powdered sugar on top to make it more sweet. I preferred the texture of the full donut to the little donut balls because I found the small ones tended to be more doughy in the middle. Maybe next time I’ll have the courage to finally make my own pakoras!!!


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