There’s Słonina on My Bread

Despite looking like a slice of cake, this is actually a wedge of something called Słonina. It is a Polish type of cured meat which is made with salt. This one is made with pork.

To some extent, I guess you can say it’s like the fat from bacon except it’s literally all lard. Like many cultures, the Polish salvaged as much as they could from an animal. The fat from the pork was used as a means of food during trying times and they made it more flavourful by adding salt and spices to it.

As a kid, I was one of the weird ones. I would cut away the fat pieces from the bacon and just eat the “meaty” parts and rip the skin off of chicken. Why? I hated the texture of fat and skin because it grossed me out. It still does, but being the Curious George that I am, I tried a sliver of słonina.

It was super salty on its own, but it’s normally meant to be eaten with bread or as a condiment. I didn’t think I had the stomach to eat a whole slice of bread with all that fat on it, but it tasted pretty good. It was just the texture that made me a little queasy, but that’s just me and my association with fatty textures. Słonina can be found in many European delis or grocery stores, so if you have the stomach for it, try a slice of słonina. 🙂


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