Sushi Go – It Leaves You Craving for More


Yesterday, I kicked off the holiday season by co-hosting the first party of the year. We had plenty of food and played a Stealing Santa/Reindeer Ripoff/White Elephant gift exchange where everybody brings a gift, draws a card to see who goes first, and then unwraps a gift or steals someone elses’. It’s all in good fun and there were a variety gifts – A silly air blowing canon, a beautiful decanter, a set of wine, a cute warm and fuzzy blanket, gift cards, and a few board games up for grabs. I ended up getting a can of Sapporo beer and a game called Sushi Go.

Sushi Go

I loooove sushi. In fact, last time I went with a group of friends and we split a fancy à la carte style boat full of fresh sushi! Sashimi, torched sushi, maki rolls, nigiri rolls…yum!

Sushi Boat

This is why the game was so appealing to me. In fact, it was appealing to several others because it was snatched several times throughout our Stealing Santa game. Thankfully I won it! 🙂

Sushi Go Cards

It’s a simple game with the cutest illustrations. In short, the game is about passing cards around and accumulating the most amount of points through a series of combinations. It’s fun to play and it’s even good to play with kids (they can learn about strategy and adding). It’s also really small, so it’s easy to bring to the cottage, road trip or friend’s place. I think the only danger to this game is it leaves you craving for sushi. Have you ever played Sushi Go?


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