Platanos en Tentacion

Panama isn’t a place known for their beaches, but it is known for the Canal. Interesting tidbit I learned when I was there – the canal was originally supposed to be in Nicaraguan. Huh?!


They’re also known for their rainforest. Where I stayed, it was located right beside my hotel so there were many interesting looking creatures fluttering around, including this cool looking leaf bug and a pair of huge moths.

Of course, there’s the food too, though I can’t really say it’s well know around the world. One dish that they make is called Platanos en Tentacion. I originally thought this was just some fancy name the restaurant came up with, but doing a little digging I found out that it’s the name of an actual Panamanian dish.


Platanos en tentacion translates roughly as Plantains in Temption. It consists of the ripe fruit swimming around in a sweet, syrupy sauce. This sauce is made of honey, cinnamon, brown sugar and butter so you can imagine the sugariness of this dessert. Looking at a bunch of videos and recipes online, it seems quite easy to make. Just add some butter and brown sugar onto a pan and cook until the sugar melts. Then add the plantains, some cinnamon and honey and cook for a bit longer. If you’re looking for a new way to prepare plantains, this is the way to go. 🙂


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