Bacon! Bacon! Bacon!

There is some insane love for bacon out there. One of my friends is so obsessed with bacon that he is quoted saying “Bacon is love. Bacon is life”. While I may not necessarily feel the same sentiments as he does about bacon, I do enjoy eating it periodically if it is cooked the right way – super thin and crispy! Recently, I was perusing around for some goodies and bumped into this.

Baconette strips? I could not imagine these tasting good at all, but my curiosity tends to get the best of me. There are a lot of interesting snacks out there, many which I have yet to discover, but this is the first time I have encountered a bag of “chips” that have crisps that look like bacon. I have seen bacon flavoured products, but perhaps I have been hiding under a rock.

Opening the bag, there is a strong aroma of bacon flavour. The texture of the chip is rough, but taking a bite of the white and red striped chip reveals a light crispiness. It has a nice smokey flavour to it and isn’t that salty, but it’s quite oily. In fact, it somewhat leaves an unsettling grease on your tongue. However, I think if I was a bacon lover I would enjoy this snack a lot more. Unfortunately, bacon is more of an acquaintance to me.

Interestingly enough, this product is made in the Philippines which was surprising to me. The brand “Oishi” is a Japanese word that translates as “delicious”. Also to note, there is no meat in it at all. Just some simple potatoes that have been seasoned to mimic the flavours of the bacon craze. Even though I can’t say I’m a huge fan of these Baconette Strips, I must say the design of this chip is too cute! It might be good to crumble some on top of a salad or soup too.


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