Dim Sum Series: White Radish Cake (Lo Bak Go)

A grocery store is a treasure trove filled unexplored goodies. Whether it be treats from the snack aisle or something from the produce section, it’s highly likely that you will pass by something not ever knowing what it really is (or what to do with it). Here’s one mystery solved – white radish, which is also known as white turnip or daikun. It looks similar to a carrot, only thicker and white with a greenish top. This particular vegetable is shredded to make something that you can find at dim sum restaurants called Lo Bak Go – or White Radish Cake. 

White radish cake is made with minimal ingredients (mainly white radish, rice flour and water) and is steamed so it’s pretty healthy. There is the pungent taste of the white radish, but otherwise it can be quite plain. Sometimes you may find some lo bak go topped with scallions and dried shrimps, but dipping sauce comes in handy for those who need a bit more to impress their taste buds. However, there is also another version of this pronounced “Sing Jao Lo Bak Go“, which translates as Singaporean White Radish Cake. Similar to the original version, this one is spiked with peppers, chives, egg and a lot more flavour. It’s spicy and savoury and is normally pan fried.

Lo bak go tends to have a rather pudding-like mushy texture to it, though pan-frying it helps make the edges more firm. For those who do not like the strong taste of white radish, there is the alternative version which is made with taro. It looks similar to lo bak go, except it’s darker in colour and more stiffer. Whether it be white radish or taro, I can vouch that both taste good. đŸ™‚

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