Ringing in 2017 – Happy New Year!

Today is New Year’s Eve and that means a lot of people are probably coming up with new years resolutions. I personally don’t make these because I know how they go – do it for one month before it eventually falls off the radar. However, it’s not to say I don’t try pursuing my goals throughout the year. šŸ™‚ So what’s in store for Yes! All Roads Lead to Food for 2017?

Well, more things about food of course! I’m looking forward to sharing many more celebrations, experiences at festivals (including the upcoming Niagara Falls Ice Wine festival in January – look out for that!) and random foodie findings. Plus, the one year anniversary for this blog will be coming up!


Asia has already started to countdown to the new year and some countries have already jumped into 2017. We still are still in 2016 with another twelve hours to go. Many people will be going to parties, others will attend concerts or just stay home for a nice quiet evening. Whatever it is you choose to do, I wanted to wish you all the best for the new year. May it be prosperous and full of happiness! Cheers to a good year! šŸ™‚


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  1. annika says:

    Happy New Year! I am looking forward to the post(s) on the winter Niagara Ice Wine Festival!

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    1. Rini says:

      Happy New Year, Annika! All the best for the new year! I can’t wait for the festival myself! šŸ™‚

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  2. Kash Pals says:

    Happy New Year to you and yours. šŸ™‚


    1. Rini says:

      Thank you! Sorry for the delay. You went into the spam box for some reason? Happy New Year!

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